The late 1970s / early 1980s were essentially the perfect time for forming an avant-pop band/project. The exaggerated claims of prog-rock were starting to fizzle out and there was a need to re-evaluate the immediacy of the pop band. The punk aesthetic suggested that advanced musicianship / music-theory knowledge was not a necessary ingredient for making music and opened the way for more performative/dadaist/DIY scenarios. The mid-80s manufactured pop project hadn't yet broken in - a project which was partly responsible for the 1990s 'over-serious' attitude. Technology-wise, the late 70s see the introduction of more affordable synthesizers, yet predate the mid/late-80s cheap mass-produced keyboards. Seemingly contradictory scenes as punk, disco, funk and minimal-electro all happen around the same time, with some bands digging into all of them with a genuine curiosity and not in a calculated attempt to "be experimental".

This blog focuses on the most obscure and/or bizarre of these creative, anarchic post-punk bands.

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