An obscure minimal synth project from the NDW era, 08/15 released one 7" single and had a few unofficial cassette releases. They recently created a website about the band's history, but with little info on it.

1000 ohm

1000 Ohm were a minimal wave band from Belgium that released a number of singles during the 80s. Contrary to most Belgian electro wave bands, they seemed interested in a Fun Boy Three-esque vocal quirky atmosphere and the result is quite unique.

3 Musketeers

Bizarre angular DIY post-punk from Australia (probably from Sydney as they recorded at Kings Lane Studio) that released two 7" singles in 1984.

3 Teens Kill 4

Another band from the East Village of NYC, 3 Teens Kill 4 was a musicians-and-artists collective that made minimal-angst no-wave synth with samples and other sound surprises.

48 Chairs

A very interesting project from Manchester’s vibrant post-punk scene, 48 Chairs never received the attention of other local bands as their sound was too difficult to define. Their LP 70% Paranoid is one of post-punk’s most underrated masterpieces, showcasing a band that effortlessly swaps genres doing them all very well. Worth rediscovering.

The 49 Americans

A wonderful collaborative project of 1980 between DIY/tape artists, like David Toop, Peter Cusack and Steve Beresford and members of - amongst others - post-punk bands Slits and the Door and the Window, this is a brilliant cut-up anti-music record and testament of a specific time in history.