Aboriginal Voices

Minimal post-punk girl band from Switzerland with a couple of releases in the early 80s.


Typical but wonderful San Francisco oddness, Adaptors had all the ingredients of wacky-punk: rhythm changes, spastic vocals, strange sounds mixed funk, dada lyrics with technology references and generally pretty much sounded like early Devo. Alas it wasn't meant to happen for them.


Extremely hard-to-get minimalist synth and spoken word gem from the UK, 1979


Very obscure and largely undiscovered synthpop project from the small town of Sparta in Greece, hardly any information can be found about this release.

A.E. Bizottság

A.E. Bizottsag was a collective of visual artists and musicians that produced a mixture of post-punk and art performance in Hungary’s 80s underground. They had a big impact in the country but are largely unknown outside.

After Dinner

A project formed in 1981 and centred around vocalist Haco, After Dinner had various line-ups throughout the 80s, playing a mix of new wave, Japanese traditional, contemporary music, and avant-garde rock.

Des Airs

A short-lived project by some of Belgium’s finest avant-gardists, Des Airs only released a mini-LP, but their music showcases an excellent mix of DIY post-punk (anti-)aesthetics.


Very obscure band whose album Red Therapy is very hard to find. All the ingredients of the perfect art-punk are here: syncopated rhythms, angular guitar sounds, strange noises, a sense of dislocation.

Aksak Maboul

An accurate example of the prog/jazzy-meets-DIY-ethics that characterised the amazing label Crammed Discs, this project was formed by the label’s founder Marc Hollander. Multi-genred, adventurous music.

Alesia Cosmos

A wonderful oddity from Strasbourg, mixing minimal synth female/male-exchanging vocals and prog/chamber art-rock. After being a big rarity for years, their LP can now be found on record again through their website! Order it now!

‪Alexander von Borsig

‪Alexander von Borsig‬ is an alias for Alexander Hacke, an important figure of German underground music and member of important acts like Einsturzende Neubauten, Sprung aus den Wolken, P1/E etc. He released a handful of strange records under that name.

alternative TV

One of the most influential postpunk bands, Alternative TV were one of the earliest bands with a punk background to start playing what is essentially a mix of punk and avantgarde music.


An experimental industrial band that came out of the 70s krautrock band Sand. They released three records and performed in Berlin.

Alvi & the Alviettes

Little info can be found on this one 7" project, other than that they recorded on the studio of Tom Dokoupil's The Wirschaftswunder.

Ami Marie

A rarity from the NDW days, Ami Marie composed Kraftwerk-esque blippy minimalism, but with an obscure edge.

Amoebas In Chaos

The strangely-named Amoebas in Chaos only released one album, but it is of high nerd-wave / spoken-post-punk quality. With similarly-odd-named tracks like “Nuclear Tofu” and a mixture of percussive noises and nonsense lyrics, their one LP is definitely worth tracking down for the lovers of all things left of early Talking Heads madness.

amos and sara

Brilliant duo from the UK (Amos is actually L. Voag of The Homosexuals), they released a 12” with three surreal weirdofunk tunes, in the style of Maximum Joy or Pigbag.

Andi Arroganti

Simple but effective minimal synth pop in the usual style of the less mainstream ends of the NDW.

Andre Szigethy

A great minimal-synth/NDW rarity that is a mixture of quirky Belgian Telex-style vocoders and German surreal/dada-NDW words. If you ever come across it, grab it, it is one of the most expensive records of the era!

...And The Native Hipsters

One of the post-punk period’s most inventive bands, the Native Hipsters made incredibly bizarre records sampling a variety of things and creating noises, mixed with voices telling strange stories. A John Peel favourite that nevertheless remains largely unknown. Time to discover them.

Andy Giorbino

Andy Giorbino is probably the most bizarre electronic artist of the early 80s coming from the legendary Zick Zack label. Although he was relatively prolific, his work is largely unknown.

The Anemic Boyfriends

The amazing Anemic Boyfriends released one of the most hilarious meta-reggae anti-male post-punk critiques that has to be listened to be believed. Their mutant showtune reggae with lyrics as “guys are such creeps, they’ll even do it with sheep” is simply insane.

Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport

A one-off 7” collaboration by short lived Australian post-punk project Essendon Airport and vocalist Anne Cessna.

Annie Anxiety Bandez

Described as a post-modern cabaret-queen, Annie Anxiety moved from NY to the UK to become part of the extended art/punk family around the band Crass and released some wonderfully strange dysfunctional troubadour stuff, that sound like Siouxsie remixed by Der Plan.


They have only released one song and it is impossible to find info about them, yet we wanted to include this silly tune, as it is such a wonderful celebration/self-reference of a scene.

Ann Steel

When two Italians: supermodel Ann Steel and cosmic composer Roberto Cacciapaglia came together, they recorded one of the weirdest electro-pop albums ever. It sounds like normal songs, whose backgrounds have gone all wrong.


Bizarre minimal-synth all-girl project, that is extremely difficult to find information on. Beautiful early 80s DIY messthetics, free-form synths, spokey off-vox and the rest.


One of the strangest and most theatrical postpunk bands to come out of eastern europe, Hungarian band Apolok is a wonderful proto-mr bungle craziness, crafting songs that are equally raw and complex.

Art Bears

A super-band of the underground consisting of Fred Frith, Chris Cutler and Dagmar Krause, Art Bears produced three LP gems of post-punk-free-jazz-cabaret hysteria that still sound fresh. A must.

Art Interface

Art Interface is the project of Douglas Vasey, who had a number of synth/new-wave releases in the early/mid-80s. The video (not the music) linked here is actually from 1990, but a wonderful cold-war document, too good to leave out.

Art & Technique

Very obscure minimal industrial electronics duet of two sound engineers from France. They released two albums in the early 80s, little info can be found about the project.

Ash Wednesday

A very short-lived electro-minimal-pop project from Australia, releasing only one 7”: ‘Love by Numbers’, which is however one of the most interesting pop-non-pop songs of the early 80s.


Not exactly a band, rather an art project by Australian artist Philip Brothy, Asphixiation created an avant-disco mix, which was accompanied by a series of artworks and titled “What is This Thing Called Disco”.

The Astronauts

The Astronauts crafted bizarre/theatrical but also beautiful post-punk gems and they were probably that extra bit too melodic and folk-inspired for the punk scene to notice as much as it should have.

A Trois Dans Les WC

A strange example of a band that managed to touch the mainstream despite they were fairly strange – well, the French early 80s mainstream, that is. A Trois Dans Les WC sound like proto-Ladytron mixed with surreal shouty vox on top.

Automatic Pilot

Punk aesthetics, jazzy prog and gay cabaret meet at this amazing testament of a very anarchic creative gay scene in San Francisco, one that certainly would not reoccur in the same way.

L' Aventure Imaginaire

A very obscure one-off French-speaking release from Germany in 1980. One half or the band, Joachim Stender, was also a member of P16.