Earle Mankey

Earle Mankey (sometimes misspelled "Earl" in credits) (b. March 8, 1947, Washington, USA) was a guitarist for the band Halfnelson, later called Sparks. Earle lives in and maintains his studio in Thousand Oaks, California called Earle's Psychedelic Shack and is still active in recording and producing.

Earth Dies Burning

Earth Dies Burning was the band with the lowest average age out of the whole LA noise-art-punk scene, bringing together a great mix of angry angular rythms and bassoon! They never get to release any records back then, but their material finally came out in 2013.

Eazy Teeth

One-single-only act from the US, but which had to be there, as it does the whole plinketty plonketty thing of bands like Der Plan, but in a post-punk live-jazzy way. Something like kraut minus the epic. Try dancing to this.

Ede & die Zimmermänner

Ede & die Zimmermänner or later simply called die Zimmermänner was a Hamburg-based avant-pop project featuring Timo Blunk of Palais Schaumburg. They became progressively poppier (as many-a-post-punk bands) through the 80s, but still maintained a dada edge with the use of found sounds and bizarre lyrics.


Another great and overlooked band from the arty post-punk DC scene. Combining a strange stage presence and a complex instrumentation, this band compliments nicely the no-wave of other percussion-heavy acts, like Pigbag or Pulsallama.

Die Egozentrischen 2

Die Egozentrischen 2 is the teen-band of wiz-kid Felix Kubin and the main band around a bizarre minimal-synth scene of children/teenagers that happened in the outskirts of Hamburg in the early 80s. A very unique phenomenon in the history of music!

Ela Eis

Ela Eis is super, yet only released a single song, which was to be found in obscure NDW collections. She is like an imaginary mix of Christiana F and Lene Lovich produced by James Chance.

Electric Chairs

Electric Chairs or Wayne County & the Electric Chairs started as a punk band and mostly remained that, but did score occasionally some brilliant post-disco tunes with the spoken-leaning madness of the time.


A great Swedish act that released only one record, but what a record. An excellent example of the polyrhythmicality of post-punk mixed with a wacky vocal attitude.

Ensemble Pittoresque

A synth-wave band from the Hague, Netherlands, founded in 1978 and recording in the early 80s. They gigged around north Europe for a while and released a few items until their split in 1984.


Enstruction - who described themselves as a Dada-Situationist audio production cooperative - made some extremely difficult and complex meta-music with poetic angry spoken word and noisy machines.


EP-4 was formed by Japanese underground scene legend Kaorou Satou. The album ‘Lingua Franca’ was their only output, but their live performances had already established them as a seminal band in Japan and rightly so, as together with the Plastics, they were the grandpas of the screamy Jap-pop style.

Equal Local

Obscure Australian post-punk at its best. Equal Local mix minimal-synth atmospheres and arrangements with jazz/lounge, which might seem unthinkable to the minimal-synth-goths nowadays, but works a treat here.

Erste weibliche Fleischergesellin nach 1945

Unknown, underrated German band formed by the mathematician Thomas Hermann. Phillip Boa played guitar in a couple of songs. The usual NDW weirdness here, sometimes remindig a mix of punk and Residents or Wirtshaftswunder early recordings.

Esplendor Geometrico

One of the few representatives of Spanish minimal-synth, Esplendor Geometrico from Madrid claimed "we are Spanish, but would like to be Russian. (...) During our concerts the people usually attack us, which makes us proud".

Etron Fou Leloublan

Although formed earlier, it was in the late 70s that French band Etron Fou Leloublan perfected their mixture of punky, angular, rhythmical changes and bizarre, dadaist humour.


NDW minimal obscure duo that had one 7" release in 1982, typical of the nutty NDW (non-)pop. They reformed in 2005 and released a full minimal synthpop record.

Experiments With Ice

How could this wonderful act remain totally unknown is completely beyond us. In their one LP, released in 1000 copies, they bring together the whole Manchester post-punk rhythmical angst thing with cold keyboards and jazzy tones!


Extremes were so good and prophetic in their sound that it is almost impossible to believe how unknown their arty post-punk is.