Faehnlein Fieselschweif

An extremely obscure NDW band that only released two singles. Their sound is a weirder, freer version of bands like Palais Schaumburg and The Wirtschaftswunder, but remains more fun than ‘experimental’.

The Fallout Club

The Fallout Club have some fairly normal electropop tunes, but when they got minimal, it just worked miracles. The song ‘Beat Boys’ is just drum machine and vocal, yet totally arresting.

Familie Hesselbach

Another fairly obscure NDW act that played a rich post-punk, which was both very minimal and disciplined in terms of structure and adventurous in terms of electronic and acoustic sounds.

Family Fodder

One of the most brilliant examples of quirky pop post-punk-era style. Family Fodder have reformed a number of times since their early 80s releases and recently been rediscovered, remixed etc. It was about time.

Fatal Microbes

From the anarchopunk UK scene of the late 70s, Fatal Microbes, who are also a sister band to Poison Girls, were four teenagers who played relatively simple punk, but with a slightly strange edge.

Feltman Trommelt

An electropop band from Germany that was slightly successful at the time, but possibly just too bizarre for any more mainstream success. They sound like a mixture of Devo and B52s, but with that extra French-speaking electropop quirkiness of the time.

The Fibonaccis

An early 80s cabaret punk band from LA. They mixed a post-punk boldness with a circus-music zaniness and the result is one of the most deconstructive cover-versions ever made.

Flying Lizards

What can be said about the Flying Lizards? Arguably one of the most innovative music projects ever. David Cunningham, who went on to continue writing experimental music, formed the band and joined by an array of guest musicians and vocalist Patti Palladin made some of the most essential records of the decade.

Food and Shelter

Wonderful avant-pop and totally underrated trio that combines instrumental experimentation, found sound, and catchy zaniness.

Die Form

Early industrial French band that formed in 1977 and produced some still-fresh-sounding experimental instrumental music, long before the term 'industrial' even meant anything.

The Four Plugs

One of the many lost single punk outfits, the Four Plugs possibly put together their minimal synth spoken punkness two years too early.

Foyer des Arts

Foyer des Arts are an early 80s experimental pop duo from Germany. Their sound – though fairly varied within their records – mainly occupied this golden line between pop-structure sensibilities and sound experimentation. The result was deranged pop.

Frank Chickens

Great Jap-wave-pop with this effortless quality that characterised 80s Japanese pop: inventive and adventurous, but totally silly and guilt-free-pop-leaning at the same time.

Frank Sumatra and the Mob

An alternative alias for the Family Fodder, Frank Sumatra and the Mob released only one EP of four songs, but within which they perfected post-punk-art-pop.

Frieder Butzmann

Frieder Butzmann collects sounds and mixes them together. He started working thirty years ago but still makes music today. His early work - showcased here - features a dada-inspired use of spoken word.

Friz Be

Little is known about this Swedish minimal synth project from 1981. The duet recorded only one album, which is very hard to find.


FSK or Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle was a great band in the legendary German Zick Zack label. Their music is difficult to describe with a few words, as they moved between post-punk, NDW nonsense and pre-Stereolaby meta-lounge.

Furious Pig

A great example of some of the very bizarre dadaist records that Rough Trade was putting forward in the early 80s. Spoken word/choir/scream no-wave madness from the UK.


Futurhythm is a project of a mysterious DIY-music figure from the UK, Martin O'Cuthbert, who still makes playful experimental music until today.


Futurisk were a seminal electro-punk band that played Add N to (X) / Holy Fuck – style anarchic real drums-meets-distorted-electro-synths music in the early 80s. They were not very successful, but frequently quoted as influential.