Nacht und Nebel

Nervous funky electro-pop doesn’t get better than Belgian band Nacht und Nebel, although they never managed to have a big hit. This is somewhat odd, as they were possibly one of the catchiest electropop bands of the 80s – listen to their single “Movocco Synthaca” and see for yourselves.


One of the European labels that promoted non-European artists was Crammed Discs and Nadjma was an interesting inter-label creation when Iraqi folk singer Nadjma met a number of experimental synth pop producers.


When it goes to bringing together unrelated things to make a new sound, it doesn't get much stranger Brenda Ray's Naffi which combined dub, minimal postpunk and rockabilly vocals in a cyclical delirium. Also known as Naafi Sandwich.


Possibly about as close as the UK came to virtuosic no-wave is this weird 6-member band featuring guitarist Henry Kaiser. They released a bunch of complex and hand-finished-artwork records.

Nancy Sesay And The Melodaires

A wildly experimental Homosexuals side-project, releasing only one single, but what a single. Situationist post-punk DIY that it is so fine, it is even impossible to describe.

narky brillans

Possibly the strangest work recorded to do with space from a member of The Homosexuals and the strange DIY “it’s a war, boys” label. Cosmic collages in which aliens are contacted via messthetics garage recording rooms.

Nash The Slash

Counting Gary Numan amongst his fans, the cult figure of Nash the Slash is a mysterious new wave character: a figure in bizarre costumes who played music over (and got inspired) by classic surrealist silent films. Only he did it about a million years before everyone else.


Nasmak are a Dutch even more minimal version of A Certain Ratio and share exactly the same balance between Krauty repetition and a funk sensibility. Total post-punk-ness.


Navastrau is the music of Chicago's essential early dark-wave psych-punk visionary: Rick Gallo alongside a rotating cast of some of Chicago's early punk pioneers (featuring members of The C*nts, Painterband, Ministry and more). The band stretches nervous diatribes over pulsating drum beats, punctuated by buzzed out guitars and heavy analog synthesizers. Here is their collected vinyl output (two 7″ EPs from 1980 & 1981) with added unreleased material in one handy release for the first time.

Neal von Non & the Guinea Pigs

Weird electro in the deranged-harmony style of Cardiacs, Oingo Bongo and the Residents, this is a totally unknown band, on which it is impossible to find information. Their 1983 record is nevertheless a great example of that post-punk-art-pop oddness of the time.


One of the most prolific collectives to emerge from the postpunk era and continue until today to produce sound / audiovisual collages that are political critiques of contemporary culture and hyper-capitalism.

Nervous Gender

Californian synth-punk band that does the whole NY-no-wave DNA-style screamy thing but with extra synths. Slightly unlistenable, but lots of fun too.

New Age Steppers

Another example of how wildly open in terms of influences the post-punk movement was, New Age Steppers is dub-meets-DIY. Nenneh Cherry was involved in some pretty obscure projects before embarking on her solo career.

New Asia

New Asia is the recording one-off project of producer Ian Little, an interesting mix of synthpop and jazzy improv industrial music.

News From Babel

A band of what would become an all-star-supergroup of experimental musicians: Dagmar Krause, Chris Cutler, Zeena Parkins, Lindsay Cooper.


Nexda from Haarlem in the Netherlands shared many characteristics with other new wave bands, particularly the vocal delivery, but what made them stood out was the hand-made approach, from the record sleeves to the home-made drums and instruments they used.

Nihilist Spasm Band

Nihilist Spasm Band were formed at least 10 years before punk broke out, but they are included here as probably the most proto-no-wave thing that ever existed. Their 1979 album is just incredible primal scream stuff.

Nini Raviolette

Nini Raviolette only ever released 3 songs on a 12” single, but we felt that we had to include them, as they are elegant examples of the minimal-pop/spoken word French idiom of the era plus the video for ‘Suis-Je Normale?’ might be one of the period’s greatest overlooked pop video works.

Non Band

Beautiful no-wave-type screamy-funk band from Japan. This is a James-Chance-type madness but with japanese female vox, doesn't get any better! They recently reformed for some performances.


Nebijušu Sajūtu Restaurēšanas Darbnīca was a performance audiovisual collective from Latvia that produced some incredibly-sounding reel tapes, as well as bizare performances in the underground fringes of the former Soviet Union. This is real avant-garde!

Nu Beams

Brining together punk, devo craziness and rockabilly, former art students Nu Beams from Fullerton, California were somewhat influential in the local art punk scene, but never released more than a couple of singles.

Null and Void

Crazy, screamy, yet keyboard-heavy art-punk from LA ca. 1980. Hard to get hold of until recently, but finally re-released.

Nuts & Co

An extremely obscure French outfit combining spaced-out sounds, spoken word and minimal-synth weirdness. A bit like a French abstract NDW.