Observers Observing Observables

Nominated for the best band name in this website, OOO’s were a short-lived minimal synth duet project from London, which recorded in the studio of the Zounds. The two members and a number of guests created a series of absurd dada-esque sound experiments.


Simultaneously avantgarde and post-punk with a wonderful ease, Officer! are a super-band that play a tight angular funk with interesting female vox and interspersed with strange sampled sounds. The ever-creative Mick Hobbs seems to be heading the project.


Peter Ogi or simply OGI scored some very infectious electropop songs, yet never really managed to gain significant recognition. Listening in hindsight it is difficult to imagine why.


A short-lived but wonderful project by Linda Hopper, Michael Stipe’s sister, that deserved more attention than it was ever given. This is not so far from early REM, though it remains unclear who influenced who.


Dark experimental electronics with ritualistic edges.


A DIY messthetics avant-pop oddity from the Netherlands, O.R.D.U.C. or the One-o-seventh Royal Dutch Underground Company was a sort of band that changed formation and had a few releases in the early 80s.


Starting from where 70s art-rock stops, Orthotonics create a bizarre jazz-rock amalgam of early Pink Floyd, Zappa-esque bizarreness and a post-punk anarchic feel. Certainly worth checking out.

Otto Kentrol

Otto Kentrol had a small output of saxy no-wave material, but as sax player was a member of various prog-wave-ish experimental bands in the 80s.

Out On Blue Six

A short lived UK act that bizzarely supported Hawkwind (!) in their 1980 tour, they were nervous and lively and not surprisingly a John Peel favourite.