Die Radierer

A quirky post-pop NDW band that released music under the legendary ZickZack records. They combined dada-inspired nonsense lyrics, noises and a quirky attitude to create very entertaining, but adventurous pop. They recently reformed, so you could even get to see them live.

Radio Free Europe

Noisy experimental minimal band from Austin, Texas ca 1980.

Red Asphalt

Red Asphalt are a great example of the sort of avant-punk that came out of San Francisco in the late 70s / early 80s. The setup was essentially punk: minimal, shouty, noisy, but there were always strange sounds and surreal words – exactly as you’d expect from a SF-based band.


Reifenstahl is one of the most unknown acts to come out of Düsseldorf's brilliant dadaistic weird-synth scene in the early 80s. They released two bizarre sort-of-conceptual records in which they do all sorts of music styles.

Religious Overdose

This short-lived project sounds close to Joy Division and other post-punk acts of the period, although Religious Overdose created more Kraut-friendly open structures. They released three singles, then disappeared.

Renaldo and the Loaf

This amazing underrated band from Portsmouth, UK could easily stand as the sister band to the Residents or Mike Patton’s strange projects or even as a great-grandpa/ma to The Books. Their video work was equally interesting. Far too strange for any sort of (even small) mainstream appeal.

Research Library

Research Library's only output appeared in the legendary "Red Spot" compilation, but the inner sleeve states that the band presents "various syntheses of music and visuals, causing socio-cultural questions about the what and where of audio-visual fields within the club-mania milieu" (!)


Hugely obscure one single only release from Germany, obviously sonically referring to though not at all related to the Residents.


Almost nothing is known about this obscure American post-punk sextet. They sound like a less zany B-52s, but they are more percussive and in some way equally catchy.

Richard Earl

Richard Earl was a member of the incredible postpunk band Swell Maps. He released one record of complex, percussive, noisey poetics.


Italian post-punk no wave band formed in Prato in the early 80's.

Rip, Rig & Panic

Considering that they were fronted by later chart-topper Neneh Cherry, it is difficult to account for this Bristol post-punk act’s obscurity. Ok, they were fairly strange, combining jazz, punk, reggae, funk elements and manic Diamanda-Galas-esque vocals. But they have even appeared in an episode of the Young Ones!

R.N.A. Organism

Very strange and extremely sought after project from Japan's wonderful Vanity Records, directed by Yuzuri Agi.


A late-70s Parisian act that had the whole Daft Punk-y disco-robot cyber thing going on presenting themselves as aliens on stage and playing a catchy cosmic-rock.

Rosa Yemen

A project by Lizzy Mercier Descloux that came together when she met Patti Smith. Less disco than Mescloux’s early work, but as adventurous rhythmically.

Roter Rot

Although lots of angry punk came from Austria at the time, the bizarre projects were fewer. Roter Rot is an exception, making very strange electronic mixes that were both sound-collages and minimal-synth pop.

Royal Family & The Poor

A fairly unknown music project from Liverpool, despite the fact that it was produced by Peter Hook. Royal Family and the Poor made some of the most political and angry records of the period, but also some catchy minimal-funk and electro (following their early work which was even further to the left of Cabaret Voltaire noise).

R. Stevie Moore

Calling R. Stevie Moore a post-punk oddity might be somewhat incorrect as his legacy is such that he might as well be the ultimate DIY music hero of all time. Yet some of his most remarkable masterpieces were scored exactly in that early 80s period.