Saal 2

Another hysterically abstract or abstractly hysterical project from the minimal-electro days, this was a short lived project, but wonderfully showcases an arcade-game sound mixed with spoken word and noisy guitar details in that very special post-punk way.

sally smmit

Possibly about as close as new wave reached to avantgarde, Sally Smmit is actually Sally Timms of the Mekons, leading a very bizarre improv quartet, doing droney abstract opera. Very challenging!

Schaltkreis Wassermann

Schaltkreis Wassermann is a psychedelic wave band formed in 1979. They brought together a krautrock minimalism, 70s psychedelia and a DIY new wave attitude.

Die Schönsten

Die Schönsten are a short-lived side-project from the NDW/punk band Geisterfahrer from Hamburg.


Extremely rare 7" single of the crazy vocal minimal-synth type quality of the precious NDW era. One of the most sought-after items of the time.

The Scientific Americans

A great-sounding but very obscure American band, who have supported the band Suicide in some of their NYC gigs. At a first listen, they could be compared to Devo, but they had a much edgier, less polished sound.

Seen Links Schlösser Rechts

Dark minimal synth NDW obscurity with a chinese-speaking first single release in 1982.

Sender X

Space/minimal duet from the NDW era that released one LP and a couple of singles.

Serge Blenner

Continuing the cold-metropolis dystopian style of Kraftwerk, but giving it a further compositional complexity, Serge Blenner created some beautiful synth-wave records in the early 80s and still composes music today.

Short-Term Memory

Flexipop-type minimal synth trio from Kansas that produced a beautiful mix of abstract synth experimentation and vocal messthetics.

Shox Lumania

Shox Lumania is the upbeat performative new wave act that Man Parrish and Richard Bone were involved in before going solo. A real NYC underground.


Sic’s music and image is so quirky that it is difficult to tell whether it was a naive attempt for pure pop or a conscious anti-pop choice. Their sound has this 1980 novelty “what will pop be in the next decade?” quality.

Silicon Teens

A one-off electropop covers project by Daniel Miller, who is mostly known for his single “Warm Leatherette” with also one-off project The Normal and as a founder of Mute Records. Silicon Teens was a concept band of what would be the result of teenagers trying to make an electropop band. Essentially he took classic 60s tunes and gave them the quirky minimal-electro treatment, refreshing their dancey potential.

Siluetes 61

This website features a number of project by avant-garde NDW hero Tom Dokoupil and Siluetes might even be the most complex and weirdest. Impossible jazzy electronica madness.


Silvia is one of the lesser known figures of the minimal-electro side of the NDW, but one whose records could easily sit next to DAF and the bigger stars of the scene. She created a very charming mix of electro and spoken word.

Sissis Kinder

Super-obscure NDW oddity produced by Gunther Mannshreck, a guy involved in all sorts of dadaistic playful silly-pop. No information about the band members is around.

Ski Und Der Rest

NDW-meets-postpunk sound from Munich. The band was not successful with the local punk scene and quickly disbanded.

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs were an unusual band that surfaced on Crass Records with their single 'Beware' in 1982. Their music was very experimental, their lyrics were along the same lines as Crass, and they were the first of two American bands(they were based in San Francisco/New York) that had their singles released on Crass Records.


Ralph-records-style jazz-punk act from 1981 US label New Alliance Records. They feature members of the Minutemen, but are weirder and jazzier.


Experimental sax player that produced angry punky avantgarde collaborations in the early 80s. Here is an example of a bizarre live show.


Initially started as a punk girl duo in the UK, eventually moved to New York and developed a more post-punk/experimental sound. Their sole record of 1983 was produced by John Cale and they did further collaborations with Brian Eno, Flying Lizards etc.

Snowy Red

More minimal wave fun from Belgium. Similar to acts like Tuxedomoon or Dark Day, they were dramatic/dark and theatrical/cabaret-esque in equal measures.

Social Climbers

A great obscure post-punk band that released only one album (recently re-released by Drag City), where they do all sorts of music from stoner reggae to Tortoise-like proto-post-rock.


An improvisation-based cassette-DIY band from Harderwijk in the Netherlands that operated around 81-82. Rhythm boxes, no wave shouts, discordant guitar: all here!

Solid Space

DIY-post-synthpop of the highest quality by this extremely obscure London messthetics cassette band.

Spotch Forcey

Dadaist minimal-synth duo from early 80s France. They operated under the pseudonyms Paul Spotch and Ymont Forcey and had only one 7" release together.

Sprung Aus Den Wolken

A notorious band from Berlin that, along with others like Einsturzende Neubauten, were part of the “Geniale Dilletanten” (ingenious dilletants) movement, an anarchic music and performance movement, that prioritised the creative possibilities of situationism over musical concepts like melody, rhythm etc. One of the most creative, bizarre movements of the period.

Stabat Stable

Very obscure short-lived project from France, on which very little info exists, but their mixture of quirky composition, early drum machines and free form expressionism is gorgeous.

Standard Of Living

Wonderfully sounding minimal-synth US obscurity – very hard to find any information or photos on/of them.

‪Standing Waves‬

Intense theatrical punk? Here you have it. Something between PuniLux and The Units, this was a superb band. Standing Waves were influential in Austin and opened for rather big names like Joe Jackson, but split up before they had a real chance, as members relocated.

Steel Tips

One of the earliest art-punk fusion bands fron New Jersey, that did not have a wide recording output, but were doing bizarre things already by 1977, like including performance art on their very gigs.

Stew Lane And The Untouchables

Amazingly fun but largely unknown no wave from New York. Stew Lane (Stewart MacFarlane, actually trained as a painter) with The Untouchables performed and recorded in New York City from 1979 to 1981.

The Stickmen

No-wave at its most angular/spastic and complex. Incredibly entertaining and lively, The Stickmen made short-duration super-complex virtuoso vignettes with a Primus kind of ease.

Strafe Für Rebellion

One of the most interesting bands of the experimental new wave in Germany, SFR combine the spoken-word/no-wave intensity of Die Toedliche Doris with a minimal rhythmic sound, use of home-made instruments, field recordings etc.

Student Nurse

How many punk bands would actually dare making a song about a disco dog? Well here it is. From Seattle,1979.

The Stupid Set

This Italian band is mostly known for their deconstructive cover of the Doors’ “Hello, I Love You”, but what a cover that was! Their minimal synthpop is similar to the Flying Lizards and Silicon Teens and they are really worth your re-discovering time.

Suburban Lawns

Formed by two CalArts students, Suburban Lawns are a wonderful example of quirky art-punk: immediate, catchy, playful, surreal, female fronted. In comparison to other bands featured in this site, they weren’t that bizarre-sounding and therefore it is strange they never made it big.

Sun Yama

The post-punkers loved to deconstruct their favourite/most-hated classic pop tunes and this one 7" single only obscurity is another such example.

Surplus Stock

A Dusseldorf band, which is another great example of the non-wave-non-nothing music that was coming out of the artier end of German music at the time. Shared the same producer as DAF.

The Suspicions

An obscure cabaret-wave project by David Cunningham of the Flying Lizards, which was given the name the Suspicions, as Virgin who held the Flying Lizards’ rights rejected it.

sympathy nervous

Killer minimal synth project from the excellent japanese Vanity Records label, much sought after and rare.

Symphonique Elegance

Legendary and extremely hard to find information on Swedish act that played a charming, effortless minimal-synth.


New wave latin/bossa? Yes! Minimal-casio-meets-tropicalia obscurity from 1983 Mexico.


One of the lesser known minimal-bands to come out of the late-70s Sydney post-punk scene, Systematics were a short-lived, but great sounding minimal-electro outfit conceptualised and incorporating Patrick Gibson. They were influential in the scene they operated, but are largely unknown outside.