Take It

An odd duet whose sound is wonderfully empty, Take It almost sound like a post-punk guitarist meeting an avant-garde keyboardist and jamming together. Very special.

The Take

Painfully minimal punk oddness with bizarre female vocals. For the fans of Sonic Youth Kim Gordon-esque minimalism, this is a proto-version of all that.

Tank of Danzig

A hard-sax free-funk band in the style of Blurt and Biting Tongues, only they were from Germany. They had three releases.

The Tanzdiele

The Tanzdiele are one of the most obscure bands to come out of Germany in the early 80s. Although they composed brilliantly-crafted electro-art-punk, they fell in the neither-too-experimental nor-too-pop place and as such they were neither part of the Geniale Dilletanten scene nor NDW stars.

Tara Cross

An early synth prodigy, Tara Cross is a music and psychology graduate, who released a number of dark but also structurally complex tapes in the early 80s. Minimal Waves recently re-released her material.

Ted Milton

(Non-)disco brilliance from the man behind Blurt, ground-breaking saxophonist Ted Milton. He only had one 12" release in the early 80s.

Teja Schmitz

Not much information can be found on Teja Schmitz, other than that his was recording in Dusseldorf. His one self-released minimal synth single is extremely sought after by collectors.

Temporal Pain

Dissonant acid casualty art punk from Tennessee. 8 minutes of early Chrome type dementia, mixed with unhinged freakouts like something the Boredoms were up to in their early stage.

The Tesco Bombers

If you were wondering what could happen if postpunk and tango came together, this unlikely aural coupling is defimitely for you!

Theoretical Girls

One of the most influential bands to emerge out of the post-punk New York scene was Glenn Branca’s band Theoretical Girls. Influenced by orchestral minimalism, they composed incredibly angular post-punk that sounds fresh even today and seems to anticipate even recent bands, such as Battles.

Thick Pigeon

A post-punk project from New York fronted by the charismatic Stanton Miranda, Thick Pigeon created wonderfully minimal hypnotic disco that is completely infectious – which of course didn’t go unnoticed by Factory Records who offered them a deal and the band eventually recorded in Manchester with Gillian Gilbert (of New Order).

Thierry Dumaine

Extremely obscure figure of the French avantgarde minimal synth underground, Thierry Dumaine seems to have some connection with the Berlin Atonal festival and released a few tracks on cassette compilations.

This Heat

Possibly no other band has given more to art-post-rock than those guys. Their records range from freeform-rock to loop sound art, but everything they produced was special and somewhat in its own league.

Thomas Leer

Thomas Leer is nowhere near known as he is influential. He was one of the first to be making home-taping style DIY proto-electronica already from the late 1970s. His work mixes looped and performed synthesised elements and spoken voice and has a ‘travelling’ sound that might as well have influenced bands like The Orb.

Those Helicopters

These Helicopters are another example of the countless nerd-wave bands that existed in the early 80s, those bands whose formation starts left of Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer”: surreal, self-ironic, psychotic and full of creative energy.


Another oddity from the ZickZack label, Hamburg-based Ti-Tho released a few quirky minimal-pop singles in the zany/screamy style of Nina Hagen, but with a dancier edge (and sampling accordions!).

Die Tödliche Doris

This is probably as close as post-punk / no-wave ever came to performance art. Die Toedliche Doris were one of the most innovative bands to emerge from the period, neglecting any predetermined notion around musical structures or recording technology and creating their own unique style. Their records were purposefully disjointed and unpredictable, making the listener very aware in a Brechtian sense.

The tom and marty band

Considering the meta levels post-punk frequently liked to operate on, it is no wonder some DIY freaks will score a self-referential new-wave anti-anthem. They claimed to play "electronic folk music".

Tommi Stumpff

Tommi Stumpff is a bit of an industrial music hero in Germany, starting with the punk band Der KFC, but really developing a more interesting minimal synth sound on his solo records as well as the music he wrote for Sylvia.

Tone Set

A short-lived project for which little is known. Greatly attempts a self-ironic meta-statement with the title “What Good’s a Hit Song” and sounds like minimal-synth meets Eno-esque sampling.

tox modell

Industrial minimal synth meets angry no wave at this dutch quartet’s music. Not much information is to be found but it sems their gigs were intense.


Flexipop style oddity from 1980, featuring Holger Hiller and members from the new-wave band Fehlfarben. Simple and precious.


The Transmitters is one of those extremely influential at the time but now mostly forgotten post-punk bands to come from the UK's fantastic jazz/punk/funk scene. For fans of Gang of Four, Glaxo Babies etc

Trick 17

Trick 17 sound more like the come from the London messthetics scene than Germany, bringing minimal rhythm boxes together with home-recorded guitars and melodic vocals. They released one LP which is hard to find today.

Trisomie 21

Like most of the minimal synth bands, Trisomie's material is stranger and more unexpected in the first half of the 80s than the second, delivering a Tuxedomoon-esque minimal pop drama.

Trobecove Krušne Peći

One of the most arty bands to come out of ex-yugo's brilliant new wave scene, Trobecove Krušne Peći incorporated performative elements in their gigs and scored an addictive angular screamy punk-funk.


Trümmerfrauen were an all-female Frankfurt Post-Punk band formed in 1980. In 1981 they released a 7" titled "Glasaugen" for Zensor records. They sounded like a slightly angrier and more electronic Liliput. Sadly they only released a few songs.


Twinart wasn’t actually a band and didn’t release any songs. They were a design studio, releasing only one music video, as sisters Nancy and Susi Twinart. And a really great video and tune it was.


Experimental, dark minimal-synth duet that only released one record. Their sound has a lot in common with industrial dark-wave bands, but leans more towards Throbbing Gristle experimentalisms than EBM.