UJ3RK5 - pronouned "you jerk" apparently was a conceptual art / post-punk band from Vancouver featuring various artists from the local scene of the time. It received an unexpected minor success at the time, but was soon dropped as a project, so its members can continue their art careers.


One of the lesser known bands from the Club Foot / Subterranean Records family, yet another great example of cabaret art-jazz-punk.

The Ungrateful Children

The Ungrateful Children is a flexipop obscurity, on which it is extremely difficult to find information. Judging on the lyrics, they might be from Australia...


In their short history, San Francisco’s Units exactly showcase the passage between sparse post-punk and minimal new wave that many bands went through in the period between 1979 and 1981.

Unit 3 with Venus

A post-punk family project with preteen singer Venus singing about not liking beer. An extremely rare DIY gem.

Unser Favorit

More home-taping madness from Germany. Ready-made casio presets, girls’ voices equally singing and laughing, making fun of technology (while creating something totally technologically-sounding). Great obscure avant-NDW.