Now this is an incredibly strange band, part-metal, part-disco and with Laibach-type vocals and Daft Punk costumes. And of course they come from Germany, they had to.

Wazmo Nariz

With the trademark of wearing two ties side by side and a mechanic electropop/rock sound with bizarre spoken lyrics on top, Wazmo Nariz is one of post-punk’s most mysterious but charming figures and one of unknown fathers of 80s quirky pop.


Although east German band Weltklang did not release many records back in the early 80s their industrial sound is incredibly prophetic for electronic music scenes to come. They reformed in 2004.


A fantastically strange Japanese outfit that was introduced to European audiences by the brilliant Recommended Records. Trying to describe them is a very difficult process as they can switch between improv ambient and virtuosic jazz in seconds.

The Wibbley Brothers

Funny outsider song-writing by brothers Ronnie and Terry, changing genres and atmospheres, but sticking to largely silly lyrics. Their material was rereleased a couple of years ago.

The Wirtschaftswunder

The Wirtschaftswunder was one of the most underrated music projects of the NDW period. Combining a very rhythmically-tight set, found-sound and bizarre italo-german words and growling, they are the beautifully disturbed cousins of Devo. Unmissable.


A poetic minimal synth collaboration between Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys and Christian Lunch released in the amazing Subterranean Records label.

The Wonders Of Science

Like an easier-going Devo with a British accent, the Wonders of Science had all the typical synth-minimal-pop, but just never made it.


Mark and Clive Ives - a flow of unique and quirky musical consciousness over 30 years - which comprises over 1600 tracks and lots of cups of tea. Their early 80s material sounds so post-rock they could have been recorded in the late 90s.

The Work

Chaotic experimental art rock from the family of Art Bears / Recommended Records. Of all the bands of this circle, the Work is perhaps the weirdest.

World In Motion

Absolutely super-obscure band, for which very little is known. Their sound is a mixture of the random percussive minimal ilk topped with somewhat-off-key paranoid vox.