A very obscure German band that only released one 12” EP, but one which is a great example of minimal-electro-punk, in a NDW-meets-no-wave way.

Xao Seffcheque Und Der Rest

NDW band formed in Dusseldorf by Austrian parodyist/enfant-terrible Xao Seffcheque (aka Alexander Sevschek). Another obscure but wonderful example of effortless zany-anti-pop.


A rather obscure early 80s project from New Jersey, XeX mixed female and male vocals on top of minimal electronics, but what made them rather different to other bands of the time is that they sounded more like a post-punk band doing electronics. As many bands of the time, they disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

X Ray Pop

X Ray Pop play a mix of dark electropop and sunshine french pop with such effortless ease that would make generations of post-punkers jealous. Much more influential than they probably thought at the time.