Zach Swagger

Wonderfully enjoyable art-house-punk devo/diagram brothers-style from Arlington, Virginia. Shame he only ever released one 7" single.


Zaza is a wonderful example of how incredibly innovative the NDW could be and how accepting of obscurity the German mainstream was in the early 80s. On a first encounter he seems like an 80s popstar. But his records are complex gems of proto-electronica of the kind that should have been quoted and mentioned as an influence more often.


A largely forgotten NDW act that played a minimal punk set with theatrical touches, strange sounds and female vox.

Zon 6

Unknown Swedish post-punk with female vox. Sax squeals, simple guitar/bass-lines and ever so slightly folky vocal lines: could these have become the Swedish Banshees?

Die Zwei

Very strange cold-war type of americanism-style German band that mixed 80s synth pop with all sorts of strange folk influences. Their one album is just very odd, changing styles between songs.


One of various aliases for Austrian electrosynth artist Roter Rot, ZYX made wonderfully catchy and snappy minimal pop ca. 1981-2.