Mutterfunk was an angular no wave new wave band in Dusseldorf in the early 1980s, consisting of Axel Grube and Ralph Albertini.


Mark and Clive Ives - a flow of unique and quirky musical consciousness over 30 years - which comprises over 1600 tracks and lots of cups of tea. Their early 80s material sounds so post-rock they could have been recorded in the late 90s.

Ca Lingo

German synthie weird-wave from Berlin’s post-jazz label Good Noise.

Ski Und Der Rest

NDW-meets-postpunk sound from Munich. The band was not successful with the local punk scene and quickly disbanded.

The Wibbley Brothers

Funny outsider song-writing by brothers Ronnie and Terry, changing genres and atmospheres, but sticking to largely silly lyrics. Their material was rereleased a couple of years ago.


Experimental music industrial band started in 1980. Psyclones are a long standing band with a diverse sound, ranging from punk/post-rock/synth-pop to electronic industrial/ambient music.

Diseño Corbusier

A psychology student without any previous musical experience, met two law students obsessed with the power of machines and the band was created! From Granada’s interesting experimental scene.

Stew Lane And The Untouchables

Amazingly fun but largely unknown no wave from New York. Stew Lane (Stewart MacFarlane, actually trained as a painter) with The Untouchables performed and recorded in New York City from 1979 to 1981.


Navastrau is the music of Chicago's essential early dark-wave psych-punk visionary: Rick Gallo alongside a rotating cast of some of Chicago's early punk pioneers (featuring members of The C*nts, Painterband, Ministry and more). The band stretches nervous diatribes over pulsating drum beats, punctuated by buzzed out guitars and heavy analog synthesizers. Here is their collected vinyl output (two 7″ EPs from 1980 & 1981) with added unreleased material in one handy release for the first time.